1944 – Attack Toward Stavelot


The following is a brief description of a game played in late 2000 involving NWA members.

On the 16th December 1944 the Wehrmacht launched Wacht am Rhein. One of the more famous element’s of this operation was the part played by the units of the 1st SS Panzer Division.

The game depicted by these photos shows vehicles of the Kampfgruppe Hansen (1st SS Pz Gren Regt + 1st SS PzJg Abt). This Kampfgruppe was supported by Kampfgruppe Knittel (1st SS Pz Aukfl Abt).


Photos 1 & 2 above show 1st SS Pz Grenadiers attacking a farm in the Losheim Gap area. They are supported by StuG IIIs. This farm was taken after a short space of time by the grenadiers, even though the StuGs, as they moved into attack positions, suffered some casualties from fire further up the ridge.


Photo 3 shows the advance of the KG Hansen supported by Sdkfz 234 variants of KG Knittel as they proceed past the farm and towards the nearby ridge.
Photo 4 represents the village of Stavelot. This was the objective of KGs Hansen and Knittel.

Photos 5 & 6 show the advance towards the ridge of the combined KGs Hansen and Knittel. In one of the small wooded areas can be seen an abandoned U.S. M8 armoured car. This was one of the many light
vehicles encountered by this KG.

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