1941 – Invasion of Crete

The invasion of Crete began on 20th May 1941. This game was played at a regular meeting at NWA of the Mitcham venue.

The airborne invasion of Crete by German paratroopers nearly ended in disaster for the Axis. However, despite Ultra code breaking intercepts, General Freyburg was convinced that the main thrust from the Germans would be from the sea. This meant that the main reserves were not released to counter-attack the German paratroopers early enough.

The paratroopers were beaten back in most places but gained a foothold on Maleme airfield. Without additional support, the Allied troops were unfortunately withdrawn from the airfield. This allowed the Germans to fly in re-inforcements. With Germans numbers continually increasing and the defenders committed piecemeal, the Allies were pushed from the island.

1941 – Crete





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