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Legends of the Old West
 Two tough hombres




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 The bar keep is pretty good with a shotgun at the Bad Ass saloon
The Sherriff and his Deputy are mean shots with the rifle

The Wild West game is a fun skirmish wargame played with 28mm miniatures. Purchased a few years ago, it is a club asset that is cared for by Neil with support from Sean. It is a favourite with the public at Open Days.

A great variety of scenarios in the town of Bad Ass are possible: such as bank robberies, stagecoach holdups, gunfights, saloon brawls, claim jumping and jail breaks.

The rules are straightforward. Each player controls one character. Each turn is divided into three phases.  At the start of a turn, by using pins on a character sheet, all players secretly select actions for all three phases. The actions for each phase can be Move, Evade, Aim, Shoot or Reload. Pins also keep track of the ammunition your character has left and any wounds your character may have received.

As the actions are revealed the hilarious results of trying to second guess your opponents become apparent. Will you have a good target to shoot at? Or will you wind up in Boot Hill?

Although the rules are simple to learn, the players face a wide variety of interesting tactical choices.

Doc always sees double, so he carries a gun for each target!

The boys are back in town

Celebrating another hard fought victory
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