Introduction to Warmachine


060707mitcham1aWarmachine is set in the Iron Kingdoms. It combines some aspects of traditional fantasy with steam-power and gunpowder. Across the realm, ancient rivalries explode amongst the various nations into a wide spread conflict.

Warmachine focuses on battles between warcasters and the great armies that they control. A game is fought with a warjack’s thundering cannons, ripping iron claws and crushing hammer blows, as well as devastating spells wrought by the commanding warcaster.


Warmachine is a tabletop wargame from Privateer Press. Warmachine won the Origins Awards for Best Fantasy Miniatures Rules 2003 and Best Fantasy Miniatures Series of 2003. Warmachine also won Game of the Year at Origins 2005 and Gamers Choice for Best Miniatures 2005.

The game encourages aggression, which it calls “Play Like You’ve Got A Pair”.

Warmachine is a tabletop wargame using metal miniatures. Armies consist of warcasters who are the commanders and use magic, warjacks which are the heavy support weapons and ordinary troops.

Warcaster are the key to the game and have focus points which represent how many spells and tasks they can accomplish each turn. Focus points may also need to be used for maintaining ongoing magic.


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