Victorius 24 Demonstration and Participation Games

Victorius is all about growing the hobby by providing an immersive visual environment for visitors to explore tabletop gaming. Our focus is ‘letting people have a go‘ through participation games or hands-on demos.

Victorius has the entire main hall of Box Hill Town Hall dedicated to tabletop miniature gaming with over 30 games to explore and a hobby zone where you can try out your brushwork at a ‘paint and take‘ table, learn about airbrushing with experts and experience the possibilities of 3D printing.

Victoria has a great gaming community with many clubs and local games stores supporting Victorius and hosting games on the day. Click on the club logo for their website, or the social media icons to connect with the club.

Current games are listed below with more to come.

Flames of War from Battlefront

D-Day, 6th of June, 1944, the Allies launch the invasion of occupied Europe, in Normandy, France. As part of Operation “Overlord”, the British 3rd Infantry Division storm ashore at Sword Beach, one of five Allied beaches on the Normandy coastline. For the soldiers, sailors and airmen, it will be the longest day.
The game represents one of the most difficult operations of modern warfare – an amphibious assault onto a heavily defended beach.
Be one of the Allied commanders and wade ashore at Sword Beach. You will command a platoon of infantry or AFVs. See how long you last, or how far you go. See if you get off the beach and move inland!

BattleTech ‘Classic’ from Catalyst Game Labs

BattleTech has been around since the early 1980s and is having a resurgence due to easy to buy, paint and field BattleMechs and immersive lore. Take control of a massive metal titan of the battlefield over 10m tall, weighing 20-100 metric tonne and bristling with weaponry. Classic Battletech plays on Hex maps with 1-4 mechs and you track the status of hits and damage until your mech suffers enough damage to stop functioning, shutdown or potentially explode.

World War III – Team Yankee from Battlefront

Warsaw Pact forces have invaded West Germany. To protect key crossing points on the Rhine River, Soviet VDV and other airmobile troops have been deployed behind NATO lines. These forces will try to prevent NATO from destroying these crossing points which would slow the Soviet advance. Soviet forces are rushing to reach the bridgehead and open a hole in the NATO defensive line.

Frostgrave: The Mad Miniaturist from Osprey

The “Mad Miniaturist” is a custom Frostgrave scenario specially for Victorius:
Finally! After months of work, I have found the workshop of the mad miniaturist Geoffetto. At the time of the fall, the pitched battles he and his apprentice Turf fought with their infernal automaton were already legendary. Just imagine what riches we might find. We must act fast though for it seems that we have spies in our midst and my arch rival is already on his way! No time to assemble the whole war band – speed is of the essence.

Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer 40,000 is the most popular tabletop miniature game on the market, filled with rich lore and some of the best looking miniatures in tabletop gaming. If it is good enough for Henry Cavill, then you should check it out!
In the 41st Millennium, warring factions from ancient civilisations and upstart empires fight endless battles across innumerable worlds. Humanity stands alone, beset on all sides by the heretic, the mutant, and the alien.

BattleTech Alpha Strike from Catalyst Game Labs

Alpha Strike is a streamlined version of BattleTech focused on company size battles with multiple mechs in each force. If you want to have lots of miniatures on the table, less record keeping and faster play then Alpha Strike is the game for you. NB. In addition to the Learn to Play game in the Main Hall, Victorius has a tournament downstairs.

Age of Sigmar

Model Citizens

Large scale Fantasy IP, Dynamic turns, artistic expression in model creation & actively supported ruleset by Games Workshop. Fast paced, and fun.

Tribal from Mana Press

TRIBAL – will take place in a roman town, focusing on a gladiatorial display between a few opponents. If players wish, they can expand their battles to a fight between two gangs in the roman town itself.

Maximillian 1934 from Mana Press

MAX34 a quick little race around the paddock, dodge the sheep, try not to hit the locals, try not to be hit by your racing opponents. First around the paddock wins a prize.

Guildball from Steam Forged Games

Step up to the pitch! Experience ‘the beautiful game’ like never before in this fast-paced miniatures game of intense action and high stakes. 
In this world, influential Guilds compete for power and fates are decided on the kick of a ball. Go head-to-head in bloody tabletop matches where your aim is to win by any means necessary — either by scoring goals or by taking out your opponents!

Blood Bowl

Fantasy Football, where the thing most likely to survive a match is the ball. Fantasy Teams, dukeing it out to see who can master the pitch. Persistent teams, players can earn experience, suffer injuries or be killed. Teams play a season & coaches have to try and keep their team together.

The Barons’ War from Warhost

The Barons’ War is medieval skirmish game set in the century following the issuing of Magna Carta. As a lord or baron, build your retinue of warriors to raid, steal and dominate your neighbours. The game is fast- paced and tactical with lots of force building options enabling two players to muster very different retinues.

Saga from Studio Tomahawk

Saga is a heroic skirmish game using war bands of around 30-50 figures led by a warlord of exceptional valour. Warbands are chosen from a wide range of Saga factions (from Alexander the Great, through the Crusading knights), with it’s own combat board and specific Saga dice that grant it particular abilities in battle and make each force unique.

Glory is Fleeting Napoleonic

The Battle of Marengo. Join us as we refight one of Napoleon’s famous victories, possibly the one he came closest to losing! Will the Austrian’s be able to defeat First Consul Bonaparte this time and change the course of European history?

Command & Colors

Zama 202 BC. Carthage is on the verge of defeat. Spain has been lost, Scipio has landed in Africa and beaten a large but inexperienced Carthaginian Army at the Battle of the Great Plains. Hannibal is recalled from Italy and hurriedly builds an army around the veterans he brought with him. He creates a corps of Elephants and fields more infantry than Scipio.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn, and you are in command can you change history?


Come and see life size Romans play miniature Romans. In ancient times, not battles were epic with massed armies arrayed across great fields. Experience the challenges facing small units of Roman Legionaries patrolling barbarian lands.

One Page Rules

OPR rulesets are miniature-agnostic and are designed to be played with any miniatures you have available, although official 2d and 3d printable miniatures are available. These rulesets were created and further developed by Gaetano Ferrara (aka onepageanon) since 2014.

Cartridge Diplomacy

Against the Flood. Anglo-Zulu War 1879: A British column is waiting to cross a flooded river, when a tide of Zulus floods the camp. Can the British hold out until the river drops? Or can the Zulus make them pay for invading their country?
Join the fun with John and friends, using the easy to learn new Cartridge Diplomacy rules.

Warmachine MK4 from Privateer Press

In WARMACHINE, the very earth shakes during fierce confrontations between brutal constructs and savage creatures and the powerful heroes who command them. Equipped with devastating weapons and arcane might, armies set the battlefield ablaze as they forge the fates of their unyielding nations in the fires of destruction.
In the WARMACHINE miniatures game, you will take control of an elite warrior mage with a battle group of devastating warjacks or warbeasts and a deadly army of soldiers in this fast-paced and aggressive 30mm tabletop miniatures game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms.

Starwars Legion from Atomic Mass Games

Star Wars: Legion places you at the centre of ground battles during the Galactic Civil War. Command Rebel or Imperial forces filled with troopers, vehicles and iconic characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.

Starwars ShatterPoint from Atomic Mass Games

Star Wars: Shatterpoint is a dynamic skirmish game, with fast and fluid fights between characters and units from the Star Wars Episodes 1-3 and the Clone Wars animated series. 

Star Wars X Wing from Atomic Mass Games

Take part in the classic Death Star trench run with Luke and the rebel pilots of Red and Gold Squadrons. Can you survive the hordes of Tie fighters, hold of Darth Vader and destroy the Death Star? Can you join Luke, Wedge, Biggs and Verlaine as survivors of the assault?

Dead Man’s Hand from Great Escape Games

If you enjoy Spaghetti Westerns, with all things Good, Bad and Ugly, then Dead Man’s Hand is the game for you.

Take control of your band of wily cowboys, ruthless outlaws, insane Desperados or the Sheriff and his Deputies, and recreate a legendary gunfight from the Old West and silver screen.

Infection Z

Ian Hemmings has adapted his original solo zombie apocalypse rules for two players. To check out more about this participation game for 1 or 2 players visit Ian’s Blog This 28mm Life and follow his bring the game to Victorius with loads of zombies and terrain.

Various Games from Too Fat Lardies – book a slot by clicking on the game link below

Britannia – Can an outpost of Romans secure their fort or will the Britons overrun them? Small scale unit actions in the ancient world.

(Forthcoming TFL Rules)

Britain – Fight as the last heathen King or fly the flag for Christianity. Heroic medieval battle with massed 28mm warbands.

Barbarossa’s Christmas – Command a German or Russian Platoon in the depth of a Russian Winter.

CoC: The Black Powder Game (TFL Rules In Development )

Fighting Cocks – The Portuguese and British battle it out with the French in the Peninsula.

CoC: The Cold War Game (TFL Rules In Development )

Ivan’s Thrust – Command a NATO Combat Team or Warpac Battalion Tactical Group.

CoC: The Black Powder Game (TFL Rules In Development )

The Great Train Raid – Lead Confederate forces to disrupt a critical Union railroad during the American Civil War

Battle of Muthul – Set in Numidia 109 BC, the Roman Republic attempts to subjugate King Jugurtha and North Africa