060707mitcham3aArmies in Warmachine consist of three main types. Warcasters lead the army and use powerful magic. Warjacks add the heavy punch to an army. Troops are the majority of an army and fight in groups. A careful selection of all three is needed to build a force that is more dangerous than the individual elements.


An army in Warmachine is based around a warcaster and warjacks.

Warcasters are the commanders of the army. They use powerful magic and guide the warjacks. Each has a special ability that can be used only once per game. This can be significant to the outcome. Since it can only be used once, timing is important: it must not be wasted.


The warjacks are techno-magical machines usually propelled by a steam engine fuelled by coal. They are controlled by a magical computer brain known as a cortex. They have powerful weapons and some are very heavily armoured. They support, and need to be supported by, the ordinary troops. They are expensive, but are more than worth it if used the right way.

Ordinary troops usually fight as groups in formations. They are needed to support the warjacks and warcaster.


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