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    El Presidente is currently indisposed wearing a white hat amongst a sea of green with blue and white flags. So his trusty sidekick the humble note taker is summarising the news from the front. July was a busy month at both venues in the club with good turnouts and a wide variety of games being…

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    Alas dear members, news from the front has been scant and sketchy these past few months.  Despite the onset of winter weather, horses throwing a shoe and their riders and highwaymen waylaying the mail coaches on the way, the despatches have just got through and it is now time to report. Both venues have been…

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    1949 Secrets of the Third Reich, SOTR for short, is the 28mm Weird World War Two miniature game from West Wind Productions. Players field armies of a Platoon of troops backed up by a variety of support units and led by daring heroes. As well as traditional infantry and vehicles, armies can include super-science, walking…

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    Epic: Armageddon is Games Workshop’s game of warfare in the 41st millennium played in 6mm scale. This means that the height of a human figure (Space Marine or Imperial Guardsman) is 6mm, which is a scale of 1:300.

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    An army in Epic: Armageddon consists of a number of units, just as in Warhammer 40K. Units are whole companies, rather than platoons. See the article for a sample Imperial Gurd army and some photos of Epic: Armageddon models.

  • Operation Sea Lion, the hypothetical invasion of Great Britain was the focus for the World War 2 game on display at NWA’s Games 2000; the club’s annual public display day.

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    Warhammer Fantasy Battles is a fantasy version of medieval combat with magic. Armies are usually made up of large units which are moved about on movement trays for ease of play. Armies include such diverse races as Men, Elves, Dwarves, Undead, Lizardmen and Skaven (rat like creatures). Magic can be quite powerful. It can help or…

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    Fantasy wargaming meets American football in a fun filled game of random events, dirty tricks and misfortune. Two teams line up against each other on a specially marked board representing the field of play.

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    9-Aug-08 What Was In The Main Hall part 1

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    Field of Glory (FOG), Hordes of the Things (HOTT), Western desert during World War 2 using Flames of War, Epic: Armageddon in 6mm and also the full size Warhammer 40K were some of the games underway at the Mitcham meeting of NWA on 28th March 2008. The Old West campaign also continued, with plenty of gunplay.

  • Have a look below at just some of the games being played at the Mitcham venue during this meeting. I did not have time to photograph all that was going on, but the AWI game was extremely well presented. Even better, the players of all ages had great fun.

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    Cheezecon is a wacky tournament you are having when you are not having a tournament. It is a fun experience and being competitive just doesn’t count. The Warhammer Fantasy Battles “tournament” was organised by the Lord of Cheeze himself,Craig Wyton.