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  • Untitled post 7151

    Saga Tournament at Victorius ’24 Event Details: Tournament Organiser The Saga tournament at Victorius is a great opportunity to meet new players, get 3 good games in and have fun. […]

  • Untitled post 7025

    Salve everyone, we’re now in Ancients & Medieval May! Now is the time to bring out those figures from earlier historical periods that may have been recuperating in a drawer […]

  • Untitled post 6905

    We’re well into March now and we’ve seen plenty of fantastic activities at our venues. The Great Airfield Raid returned for 2024, and the grand spectacle we’ve come to expect […]

  • Untitled post 6498

    Two games of The Barons’ War at last Saturday’s NWA meeting. One Vikings v Normans using the Conquest supplement and then the Vikings fought an English force using the standard […]

  • Untitled post 6198

    Medieval May May is themed this year: Ancients and Medieval May. We strongly encourage members to pull out their sword and spear armies that may have been gathering dust and […]

  • Untitled post 4458

    Step by step process of making rocky ground for Saga   Find rocks which have large flat surfaces that look dramatic but can have figures stand on them without toppling. […]

  • Untitled post 4460

    Can you make durable wargaming terrain using lots of free stuff? Of course you can, but can I develop a mass produced version so that we can make a bucket […]

  • Untitled post 4462

    More Saga suitable terrain pieces Around 25 years ago I splurged out on a whole village worth of Armorcast buildings including some ruins.  The ruins had been sitting in the […]

  • Untitled post 4464

    Spending time away from painting figures to build terrain. I have playing around with building some basic terrain pieces for Saga.   Sometimes I need a break from painting miniatures […]

  • Untitled post 4466

    Since my last post I finished the four extra mounted heathguard made from Conquest and Fireforge sprues. Fireforge Mounted Sergeants These two knights are made using Fireforge horses and torsos.  To […]

  • Untitled post 4468

    Every year I take an extended Christmas & New Year holiday.  So from mid-December to late-January I try and build and paint a new warband, plus other miscellaneous wargaming stuff. […]

  • 2019 was a busy year.  Lots of full on activity in the first quarter and then things slowed down due to family and work commitments.  So the hobby suffered over […]