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    Suladân was leading some men of Harad into the realm of Gondor in search of treasure. But several companies of the Gondorian army, from the capital city of Minas Tirith, were marching with Faramir to intercept them. Could the Haradrim recover the treasure first? And would the fierce warriors of Harad be able to withstand the trained…

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    Epic: Armageddon is Games Workshop’s game of warfare in the 41st millennium played in 6mm scale. This means that the height of a human figure (Space Marine or Imperial Guardsman) is 6mm, which is a scale of 1:300.

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    The ground scale used in Epic: Armageddon permits a game of manoeuvre to occur on a normal sized table. With each formation being roughly the equivalent of a typical 40k army and these being able to move around the table without necessarily being in combat from the first turn, it is clear that Epic caters…

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    An army in Epic: Armageddon consists of a number of units, just as in Warhammer 40K. Units are whole companies, rather than platoons. See the article for a sample Imperial Gurd army and some photos of Epic: Armageddon models.

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    After a hiatus of many years, Epic is rising again and in force at NWA. Currently we have eight members who have armies up and running. There are some more NWA members who are digging through their garages and cupboards looking for their old Epic armies. There is an updated rules set available free for…

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    The following is a brief description of a game played in late 2000 involving NWA members. On the 16th December 1944 the Wehrmacht launched Wacht am Rhein. One of the more famous element’s of this operation was the part played by the units of the 1st SS Panzer Division. The game depicted by these photos…

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    9-Aug-08 What Was In The Back Room

  • Untitled post 2375

    9-Aug-08 What Was In The Main Hall part 1

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    9-Aug-08 What Was On Stage

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    Field of Glory (FOG), Hordes of the Things (HOTT), Western desert during World War 2 using Flames of War, Epic: Armageddon in 6mm and also the full size Warhammer 40K were some of the games underway at the Mitcham meeting of NWA on 28th March 2008. The Old West campaign also continued, with plenty of gunplay.

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    Cheezecon is a wacky tournament you are having when you are not having a tournament. It is a fun experience and being competitive just doesn’t count. The Warhammer 40K “tournament” was organised by the founder of Cheezecon – Craig Wyton.

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    An Easterling force with a Mordor Troll was raiding towns in search of booty. After several earlier raids, Aragorn pulled together a force of Elves and hurried to defend the next town that was likely to be the target. The town was soon under attack as expected, but a surprise awaited the good side. Read…