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  • Untitled post 6408

    El Presidente is currently indisposed wearing a white hat amongst a sea of green with blue and white flags. So his trusty sidekick the humble note taker is summarising the news from the front. July was a busy month at both venues in the club with good turnouts and a wide variety of games being…

  • Untitled post 6308

    Alas dear members, news from the front has been scant and sketchy these past few months.  Despite the onset of winter weather, horses throwing a shoe and their riders and highwaymen waylaying the mail coaches on the way, the despatches have just got through and it is now time to report. Both venues have been…

  • Untitled post 193

    Fantasy wargaming meets American football in a fun filled game of random events, dirty tricks and misfortune. Two teams line up against each other on a specially marked board representing the field of play.