Spectrum of History

Historical wargaming covers a fascinating spectrum of eras, fighting styles and tactics. The aim is to make history come to life. Starting with ancient history all the way up to modern times, there is plenty to enthuse anyone with even a passing interest in history.

The ancient period includes chariot warfare of the Assyrians, Hittites and ancient Egyptians. It then moves on to the Greek and Persian wars, with the glittering shields of the hoplites. The emergence of the Roman empire against Carthage and the successors of Alexander the Great is next. The Roman Empire offes plenty of interest throughout with many enemies including the Germanic tribes, the Gauls and ancient Britons in the west of Europe. The eastern empire also had its share of conflict including against the Parthians and the Jewish revolt.

The slow disintegration of the Roman empire had them fighting against various barbarians. The Byzantine empire continued out of the split of the eastern half of the Roman empire. Armies expanded out of theArabian peninsular, spreading their influence far and wide.

Dark ages, Vikings.

Medieval including the Crusades, 100 Years War, War of the Roses.

Renaissance including the 30 Years War.

Seven Years War, mainly in Europe but also spilled across into North America.

French Revolutionary wars led into the Napoleonic Wars, a very popular period for the gamer.

Franco-Prussian War and colonial conflicts around the globe.

World War 1 saw the emergence of air warfare. Although trench warfare played a large part on the Western Front, there were sweeping moves on the Eastern front and the Middle East.

World War 2 with massive tank battles, aerial warfare changing naval combat and huge amount of research material available makes it a popular period for the wargamer.

Modern conflicts show the development of World War 2 tactics with fighting in Malaya, Korea, Vietnam, Falklands, Afghanistan as well as many conflicts in the Middle East.

Along the way, what-if scenarios are often played between historical opponents, including Cold War battles.

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