SOTR Russian


sovietstartersThe Russians have been kicked out of the allies after they invaded Switzerland in direct violation of allied orders in desperation to capture their manufacturing plants and natural resources. As most people have at least a small understanding of WW2 weapons and forces involved I will limit the brief overview here to the new weird/pulp units available to bolster the standard armies.

sotrsovietstarterRussia: The Socialist nation of Russia has toiled hard and given up much in its battle to stem the German tide. Using alien technology captured from the crash site at Tunguska they have been able to develop their own enhanced of technology. They have developed their own walking tanks. But whereas the other nations Mechs move as if human-like on 2 legs, the Russian ones have 8 legs like a spider. This allows them swift movement over the uneven ground of the eastern front.

Experimentation with alien D.N.A and Transhumanism has allowed the development of “Brute” squads – hulking men who volunteered for the process of having their bodies mutated with alien D.N.A. They now operate as shock troops. Swinging huge hammers single-handed and using SMG’s like machine pistols, they swiftly overrun most normal infantry in front of them.

As an unusual side effect of the Germans “V” gas, it has turned out that even in death the Russian hatred of the Germans lives on. Russian zombies, while less controllable than their German counterparts, are still causing horror and trouble for German forces across the western front.

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