Introducing Secrets of the 3rd Reich


incursionsSOTR 1949 is a tabletop wargame that uses 28mm miniatures to create fast and furious battles in a world where World War 2 never ended.

The year is 1949. The world that you remember never existed. History has been twisted and corrupted. The Second World War still rages. The world is a blasted wasteland pockmarked by the scars of an atomic war. The very air we breathe is a contagion.

Welcome to the world of Secrets of the Third Reich.

sotrnewrulessotrrulesSOTR is a platoon level World War 2 skirmish game set in a world gone mad. The war has not stopped but kept going. After making leaps in occult and alien scientific research all forces in the European theatre have bolstered their forces.

While there are these more weird or pulp units on the board during a game, as they are new and experimental their deployment is limited. So the game still has a WW2 feel as squads of standard infantry, MG teams, Mortars and so on outnumber the more esoteric units.

The standard armies are supported in limited numbers by the likes of Walking mech style tanks, Alien reverse engineered weapons and occult units ranging from Werewolves to Zombies through to Templar style knights.


Always happy to show people about the game or introduce them to the fun, Brendan will usually be able to walk people through a small game.

The Forces assembled in Secrets of the Third Reich (SOTR) are the Americans, British, Germans and Russians. Click to go to the articles which provide some information about these nation’s forces.

Secrets of the 3rd Reich is produced by West Wind Productions and Grindhouse Games.


sotrincursionsotrdoomsdaySeveral supplements have already been added to the SOTR range – including Incursion and Doomsday.

DOOMSDAY is the first supplement to Secrets of the Third Reich. In addition to containing new game rules, missions and background, this volume explores loads of new characters, support units and platoon options for all four major powers. It also delves into irregular forces.

INCURSION is a board game set in the world of Secrets of the Third Reich. Armored troopers of the US “Lucky 7th” hurtle through underground bunkers and combat the monstrous forces of the German SWD in a furious race against time. The Doomsday Device is ticking and neither the Allies nor the Axis can afford to fail. Play is fast and tense. Players choose their forces through a card-based Requisition Point system. The game includes chipboard stand-ups, but is much more appealing when using the painted miniatures of the standard Secrets of the Third Reich wargame.

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