SOTR Germans


germanjetmechasThe German Warmachine is willing to pull no punches in its quest to win the war. They have pushed weapon development into occult and scientific areas left alone by the other nations. As most people have at least a small understanding of WW2 weapons and forces involved I will limit the brief overview here to the new weird/pulp units available to bolster the standard armies.

germanjetmechaGermany: Having developed the dreaded “V” gas and using it in Rocket strikes all over Europe, zombie infestation has became a threat faced by all. Soon after realizing the ability of the “V” gas to animate Germany’s dead soldiers so they can further punish her enemies the Germans developed ‘Pingers” to control their movement and zombie bombs (Zombies loaded with explosives). But not all of the Third Reich’s occult things are shambling hordes. Out of long forgotten crypts come Vampires and from Deep in the forests come Werewolves. Experimentation with these creatures has be fruitful and now occult enhanced super soldiers are fighting for the might of Germany.

But Science has not been forgotten in the push for victory. After recovering a crashed spaceship from the frozen wastes of the Antarctic the Germans have also developed walking Mech Tanks like the “Hornet” and the ME262 Drop Mech.

Other developments in science have allowed the still able brains of dead German soldiers to control the armored, hovering combat shells called Dhrones, and allowed lightly powered drop troopers to descend into the fight with jet packs from the back of planes.

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