SOTR British


britishstartersThe stiff upper lip of the British refuses to waver in the face of all that the Germans can throw at them. Through the reverse engineering of captured German equipment, plus American Lend-Lease technology, the British now have their own Power Armoured troops and Mech Tanks to meet the enemy head on. As most people have at least a small understanding of WW2 weapons and forces involved I will limit the brief overview here to the new weird/pulp units available to bolster the standard armies.

sotrbritishstarterBritain: Out of the clergy of the Church of England, exorcists and men familiar with the more unpleasant side of the occult come to assist the Tommies to hold the line against untold horrors.

Right when Britain needed her most, Excalibur has been found and is now wielded by Major Clive Goddard. The sword was pulled from the stone by the pure and honourable soldier. It is now an important source of inspiration and morale to all the British armed forces.



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