SOTR Americans


libertysThe Americans have chosen science to help them remain a viable force in the arms race. After capturing the crashed alien space craft at area 51 in Roswell, American scientists began experimenting on the craft and reverse engineering some of its technological marvels. As most people have at least a small understanding of WW2 weapons and forces involved I will limit the brief overview here to the new weird/pulp units available to bolster the standard armies.

sotrlibertyAmerica: The reverse engineering of the alien technology has allowed the Americans to Craft Walking mech tanks such as the “Big Chief” and the “Sarge” and manufacture individual heavy powered armored weapon system suits for some of its infantry called APE suits.

To boost their paratrooper deployment they have developed the Jet Trooper. Squads of foolhardy daredevils, entering the fray with jetpacks strapped to their backs and SMG’s and Grenades in their hands.

That being said as Mother Nature cries out in anguish, the American Indian infantry have organized into “Crow Dog” squads to avenger her. Supported by a shaman and a Wendigo spirit they bring a limited supply of magic to the good old U S of A.

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