Saga @ Little Wars 2019 Melbourne

I am organising the Saga demo and participation games at Little Wars Melbourne 2019.

Together with other Saga players from the East, West and South of Melbourne, we will be offering a taste of Saga to any who are interested to give it a go.

Saga is an historically flavoured skirmish game published by Tomahawk Studios. An easy game to learn, Saga has enough nuance to make mastery challenging and no two games the same.

There are currently over 30 factions, each with their on unique way of play, covering the fall of the Roman Empire, through the Dark Ages and into the early Middle Ages. The recently released Age of Magic takes Saga into the fantasy realm, incorporating magic and monsters.

A typical Saga warband contains 25-50 figures representing a mighty warlord and their followers. Therefore building a Saga warband is inexpensive and quick to paint, so you can get up and gaming quickly.

Saga is supported by a multitude of historical miniature companies with fantastic ranges of Saga suitable figures in plastic, resin and white metal.” We will be displaying a selection of Saga suitable miniatures from nearly 20 different miniatures companies, so you can compare and really see what is available online.

So if you are free on Saturday May 11 2019, come and see us at Little Wars @ Kingston City Hall,

979-985 Nepean Highway, Moorabbin Victoria (Google Maps)

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