Further Tips for Painting


There are many different ways to paint figures, vehicles and terrain. There is no “right” way, just lots of different ways. You need to develop a style which is suitable to you. But helpful advice from others can help you experiment and choose a style which suits you.

This article contains a collection of simple, but really useful tips on painting. 


Further painting tips from NWA members:


Don’t paint any white in horses’ eyes – it makes them look evil and demented! They are mostly dark pupils, very little white. Just black will do in this scale.


A light brush of diluted PVA pre varnish/wash is a good paint protector.




Before you lay down any paint, Spray the figures with a Tamiya Spray can The colour doesn’t matter. Wait around 24 hours and apply the top coat. This I have found gives a tough flexible undercoat to the figure. (Spray outdoors, or using an extraction fan, otherwise you’ll be filling your place with lovely and stinky fumes)


If possible, depending on your basing system, attach to the base, with PVA, a washer. This places the center of mass of the figure below its feet, thus making it quite stable





1. Clean up figure. Nothing worse than a mould line through the middle of a face, helmet, back, legs.

2. Wash in soapy water. Or use good quality undercoat.

3. Undercoat figure with base spray. Citadel black & white are good.

4. I prefer to cut off sprue, wash, then stick onto icy pole sticks (wooden coffee stirrers) using blue tac dobs; undercoat, then paint. This gives access to most of figure sides and features.

5. Base coat colour, like green. Then faces/hands. Then webbing. Then the rest like guns, shoes, equipment, rifle, helmet/cap, socks.

6. I prefer acrylics as they don’t smell much, are easy to clean and dilute with water. Citadel, Tamiya, Gunz and Vallejo.



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