Old Ruins and a Muddy Field

More Saga suitable terrain pieces

Around 25 years ago I splurged out on a whole village worth of Armorcast buildings including some ruins.  The ruins had been sitting in the “too be completed one day” tub, when that day came around and I decided to whip them into Saga ruins.

I personally think that the ruin terrain piece is the best one in Saga.  Hard cover and difficult terrain that blocks line of sight, so what is there not to like, most of the time.  So I normally reach for the ruin first and if it is taken grab the rocky ground.  Most of the time it is to secure an important point on the field of battle, though sometimes it is just to remove it as an option for my opponent.

Whilst Armorcast still exists and still does the medieval buildings, my old ruins don’t seem to be sold anymore. Plus it isn’t easy to find in Australia any more.

Fig 1. Really old Armorcast Ruins 

So like all my other Saga terrain pieces, I have glued them on to regular-ish shaped bases that fits within the 20x20cm footprint and applied basic ground textures and flock.  In both cases I have added some additional rocks to reflect the ruins being spread a little wider.  I have been sorely tempted to try drilling out the arched window, but each time temptation arises, sanity comes following behind very quickly.

Fig 2. More really old Armorcast Ruins

These models are representative of their time and the early days of resin casting.  Stuff is much better now days, but I am still very fond of my old buildings, so much so I will probably give them a good touch up and refresh one day.  Fig 1 is a 4 part model and Fig 2 came in 3 parts.  the joins are at the corners and don’t fit great.  I could have gone to the trouble to fill the gap with putty or bicarb and superglue, but since I like the look of moss and nature taking over, a simple line of PVA and flock hides the gap and looks the goods.

Whilst making the fields in my last blog, I also made a small muddy enclosure using some Renedra Wattle Fences.  I had used the rest of the sprue to make flexible fence lines, but had enough left over to make this square which fits nicely within the Saga terrain footprint around the same size as the ruins.

Fig 3. Muddy field with Renedra Wattle Fences

The fences come with small plastic stands, but I decided to tack the corners together with superglue and glue the fence directly to the MDF base.  By adding lots of PVA glue and sand along the fences edge, I am happy that I have achieved a strong bond.

I have had the pigs out playing in the pen and they have made as awful mess rooting out all the plants and leaving around a foot of mud and lots of pig shit!

All 3 pieces are still awaiting some tufts and clump foliage to finish them off, but I was keen to get them done in time for some gaming tomorrow.

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