NWA Despatches – August

August has passed us by, and our biggest collective effort as a club has been successfully completed. Games Day ’23 was a great day, and we’ll wax more on that below, but I want to express my appreciation to everyone in the club who helped with the organisation, put on a game, or just turned up and encouraged everyone else, for all that they did. This event belongs to everyone in NWA.

Looking forward a little ways, we have a piratical September ahead of us now. While we don’t have the same organised activities as in previous years due to a series of factors, a number of members will be putting on games for people who want to try them out or just enjoy an old favourite or new options. Legends of the High Seas will return, as will Blood and Plunder. The naval game linked to B&P, Oak and Iron, will make an appearance. Regardless of what flavour of nautical corsairs you prefer, don’t forget to join in or run a game and keep this NWA tradition going strong.

As we go further through the calendar, we’ll have the Spring Sale Day, so make sure you’ve got all the detritus you don’t want that can be discovered as treasure by someone else at our Bring-and-Buy table. More will be communicated about this shortly.

Lastly, the AGM is looming on the horizon, and we have a new committee position to fill under our new constitution: the Vice President. If you’re interested, curious, or skeptical, don’t hesitate to talk with one of the committee or the executive to find out more about this new way it’s possible to contribute to the running of the club.

Games Day ’23 has come and gone. It was a great day, and it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone who helped by running games, manning the kitchen and supporting the club in numerous other ways.

The focus this year on participation games meant we were able to give the public the opportunity to not just look at the tables but to touch, roll dice, and ask plenty of questions about our gaming hobby. The 21 tables showed everything from medieval battles through to mechanised combat in far distant future.

We didn’t have as many people through the door as in 2022, which gives the committee a chance to look at how to change that next year. There were few remarks about not putting on a Bring-and-Buy stand, and about there being no 20mm games on display. There were many positive comments about the variety of games, quality of tables and the great attitude of the people running each table.

Continuing our Vox Pop on from last Despatches, some of our games organisers shared their experience below;

“Being a work in progress this was in fact the first public showing for the game of Entropy City, The Komodo and Hades M.C. were the two factions on display for the day with a sniper occasionally showing up on a rooftop to take out the “most isolated” bike.

Truth be told I was extremely nervous showing off the work in progress at a public event but everyone that came by was extremely wonderful and talkative, I had been most of the day with demos and questions and sometimes a little or both. Highlight being at the start of the day when someone actually came looking for me specifically. My personal record of never winning at my own game continues as well.” Jason Grubb – Entropy City

“So over 1,000 well-painted 28mm Napoleonic figures, flags flying, colourful commanders, artillery batteries with all their limbers and wagons, and what do people say………nice game, love the mat! Not just one person, but the majority who commented to us.

“We were simultaneously very pleased about the mat, reception of the game and a little crestfallen. The comments did make us laugh; besides, we charged $10 to touch the mat and $20 to take a photo of it!” Peter Rossetti – Battle for Busaco

“Well, from where I was it was very busy – I managed to get in 4 games of my “That Devil Arkansas” – introduced some folks to the game (2 already have collections of ACW ships already, sitting in their Piles of Shame). A very positive reaction from passers by.
Only really got to take a quick look at other games – hardly even did more than glance at Billhooks, and it was right next to me! AND I wanted to join in with some.

Apart from the good reception of my own game, highlights included the look of so many of the games – some lovely presentation. The Berwick crew’s Napoleonic game looked a stunner, Lorne’s Battletech terrain was a real crowd pleaser – and from what i could tell, so was the Barons’ Wars (hard to tell as they were about 2 deep around it when I went to check!)

One highlight from my own game was the end of the last run through, with the Arkansas being beaten into submission in much the same way as the Tennessee was at Mobile Bay. Still afloat but carrying so much incidental damage she had to surrender. Great fun! (And I was commanding her that time).” Mark Chandler – That Devil Arkansas

“In June 1944 the US invaded Saipan to kick out the Japanese military. The day after the US hit the beaches, the Japanese launched a counterattack on the northern flank of the beachhead. They used landing craft and amphibious tanks to quickly move from the northern part of the island.

The game presented by John and Leith used 1:56 (28m) scale figures and vehicles; many of them 3D printed. A hand painted mat was produced by John for the game. The rules used were Chain of Command; which ideally suits this type of scenario.

On the day the Japanese made inroads early, but the firepower of the Marines held them off. Just as they did historically.

A great day talking with all the people that stopped by.” John Shaw – Battle for Saipan

“NWA’s Open Day was a great success! Massive thanks to Darren for co hosting, Lorne as usual for the table, and NWA for the event itself.

And thank you to Phillip – “Space Cadet”, Nathan – “Hot Shot”, Jamie – “Headhunter”, Andrew – “Josabar”, Bryden- “Craven” …and many others for participating!

What were some of your highlights? Mine were:

My Grand Dragon’s pilot punching out after losing BOTH Life Support systems to crits, while the mech was already overheating. I think it’s the first time I ever had to lose a mech because the pilot risked being broiled alive…

Ending the game with a literal bang. After my Stalker scored a kill with an Alpha Strike, the heat caused the ammo to cook off!” Dennis VargasBattletech

Spring Sales Day 23 – Blackburn RSL Sunday 15th October

Whitehorse Festival – Sunday 15th October

NWA AGM – Saturday 28th October

Nunawading Library Display – 1st – 28th November

Victorian Ancients Championship – Hosted by League of Ancients – 18-19th November

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