NWA Despatches – April 2023

April wrap up!

April is always a hectic month and 2023 was no exception. Only one Friday night meeting due to the Good Friday holiday, three Croydon meetings and of course the Autumn Sale Day which was a great success and despite the weather, had more visitors than last year’s events. Thanks to all involved.

The 29th April meeting at Croydon was also our largest so far this year with 43 members and visitors playing Naval, Napoleonic, Biplane DogFights, Science Fiction, Ancients and ‘Poor Bloody Infantry’ slogging away in WW2 and Colonial settings.

Lost Club Armies!

Prior to COVID and the last change of location the club sold off much of its terrain and some old armies. There’s a belief that there may be some old club armies (in part or in full) still out there in people’s homes. If you have anything like this please contact myself or the Secretary as we’d like to get a firm grip on all club assets.

New Blackburn Club Terrain

The new terrain that has been put together has looked pretty good on the tabletop. Don’t forget that it’s there for members to use, though it’s primarily intended for newer club members who are still building up their own collections.

Knights of Dice Tabula Rasa and TableWar Barren Wasteland mat out in action for a bit of Mars Code Aurora, a SF skirmish game that can be played with any type of miniatures. Hence DALEKS

RSL Membership and benefits to NWA

The ongoing viability of Blackburn and Croydon RSLs is important of the NWA. The key to their (and our) future is based on maintaining sufficient members to continue their operations. RSL membership is a nominal amount and the committee strongly encourages NWA members to take up membership at one of these two RSL sub-branches if you haven’t done so already.

Freebie Magazines

There are a number of old military modelling and history magazines left over from the Sale Day. They will be left out on the next Friday meeting for any member to select from; first-come first-served. At the end of the night the remainder will be disposed of, so this is you chance to rummage and possibly find a gem you’ve been after for a while.


Our open day is booked in for Saturday 26th August and Ringwood Community Centre. Given its success last year, and the many years it has been so well received, we plan to re-badge it as a Show this year, and so are looking for a name for it. We are keen to hear suggestions from you all about what the Show could be called. Examples from the UK include Patizan, Salute, Dragoon, Enfilade, etc. So please reply below, speak with us at a meeting, or email us at president@nwa.org.au and secretary@nwa.org.au.

March Highlights

Battletech is making a bit of a resurgence across Melbourne and Blackburn RSL hosted a battle over possession of an airfield. 6500 BV of Inner Sphere mechs went toe to toe over 11 turns with the locals last mech, an overheated Thug coping a last turn critical resulting in an ammo explosion and a well earned victory for the Marian Hegemony

We see a lot of Napoleonic battles at the club, especially at Croydon RSL and it was great to see a Revolutionary Wars game as it is not a commonly played period.

There was a spectacular looking game of Flames of War ‘Nam played at Blackburn RSL using a mix of new club 15mm terrain (Battlefield Accessories) and member’s terrain.

Medieval May

May is themed this year: Ancients and Medieval May. We strongly encourage members to pull out their sword and spear armies that may have been gathering dust and get them onto the tabletop. Whether it’s SAGA, Billhooks, Hail Caesar, or Art d’la Guerre (ADLG), it doesn’t matter. For people who don’t have anything in-period, volunteers will be running quick-play games (an hour or less to play) of ADLG with spare 15mm armies that we can bring to the club. Most of these will be offered on Friday nights, but some of us will also be at Croydon on Saturdays. Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to play this descendant of WRG, DBA, DBM and FOG.

The club is hosting a light hearted fun first Saga Tournament on the 28th May @Blackburn RSL. This event is in partnership with The Saganaughts (group of Saga players located all over Melbourne including a few NWA members), and is quarterly event focused on growing the Saga community.

Neoprene Gaming Mats

The committee is considering purchasing some mats for use by members at our venues. TableWar Australia have offered the club a great deal and we want to ensure that we get mats which will be of most interest and therefore use by NWA members. We want to hear from you all about what sort of mats (naval, fields, rocky, desert, etc) and the size (6×4, 3×3, etc) you would like to see if we were to purchase some for use by members. You can let us know using this form.

Club Shirts

The first order for the new club polos and t-shirts have arrived, so if you haven’t received your shirt yet come along to either a Friday or Saturday meeting.

We have a make to order arrangement with the local supplier in Ringwood. So if you want one of these great looking, easy care shirts you can order here

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