The Resolution (part 1)

New Year Toast

New Year ToastJanuary 1st 2010

December 31st. The night of much merry making. Perhaps some quiet drinking. And, of course, New Year’s resolutions.

Some decide to stop smoking. Others to lose weight. Some to get married and some to travel the world.  Me, I decided 2010 would be the year of cutting back to just two types of gaming.

See how the Easy Strayed Wargamer survived January. 

In 2009 I played, painted and bought stuff for 28mm Napoleonic, 6mm Modern, 6mm World War II, 6mm Epic: Armageddon, 28mm Hordes of the Things, 15mm Ancients, 15mm Medieval, Napoleonic Ships in some scale I cannot even remember, 28mm Fantasy American Football, WWI Aircraft in 1/72 scale, a couple of Ancient Ships, oh and even a couple of Crimean Russians!  I’m one step off (or past) needing therapy!

Who cares I hear you cry. Play them all!!! The problem I find with dabbling in way too many game types is that I become a jack of all trades and master of none.  When I say “master” I don’t want to be the all-conquering general. I just want to complete my armies and know the rules inside and out. Or at least inside. Playing 17 types of games in six types of scale will mean just another year of half-finished painting projects and constantly playing games that I only know half the rules. Not to mention buying a heap of stuff I’ll never get around to painting.

So here it is… 2010 is the year of 28mm Napoleonic’s (Cold Steel (NWA’s own Napoleonic Rules) and 15mm Ancients/Medieval (FOG/DBA) and . . . that is it!  I’ve got a heap of stuff to keep me occupied and now I can really get stuck into my FOG Ptolemy army to take on all those Romans, Persians and Thracians floating around the club.


100101napoleonicJanuary 7th 2010

A weekend at Tim “Napoleonic” Bayly’s place taking part in the re-fight of the battle of Ligny has me convinced that finishing off my 28mm Napoleonics is the way to go.  Cannot wait to get stuck into all that lead back at my dad’s place. Reckon once I’ve finished I can supply the French side with about 2 Corps of infantry and a Corps of cavalry.

There was one dangerous period when Jenko and Quinny started talking about American Civil War to me. After all, I have about 120 odd 18mm AB unpainted Confederates at home. I could whip them up and get into some ACW this years perhaps?



100101neilhughesJanuary 10th 2010

A close shave, after nicking down the road to get a pizza (“hmmm pizza”) and dropping into the local video shop. While my “Medium with the lot, hold the Anchovies and Olives” is being whipped up, I picked up Zulu Dawn for less than a tenner.

That night while having a beer (or two) and feasting on my pizza I watched Burt Lancaster take on the Zulu Impi. I started to wonder about the Zulu wars.

Fortunately the cold light of day saved me from that folly.


100101ecwJanuary 14th 2010

Ok, there has been a set back to my cunning plan. The proverbial spanner in the works. Neil “I’ve gone too far” Hughes had a few of us over for a BBQ. Sounds all innocent enough until he and his minion Tom “You name it, I’ve got it” Brake started banging on about the English Civil War in 28mm.

The story goes you can buy just one Regiment, paint it up and join in.  Sounds simple, eh! Scots is what I was thinking of. That should not take too much time away from my grand plan and it’s just one single Regiment.  Check out Neil’s ripper troops at

Just a minor set back. Reckon I could whip the Regiment up in a month. Hmm, damn you Mr. Hughes!

100101ww2January 24th 2010

Ok there is trouble ahead . . . After watching Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan again and playing Medal of Honor Airborne Assault on the PS3 I am starting to think about World War 2.

But not the level or scale I was playing last year (6mm Spearhead). I’m thinking Crossfire and I’m thinking it would be fun to paint up just one platoon (yes, just one) of the great looking Flames of War figures (even though I have a heap of German 1/72 scale plastics from back in the day). Perhaps some British Paratroopers or some Hungarians or err perhaps some Finns? Mark “You think Tom has a heap of stuff” Chandler is keen on the idea and Geoff “Thracian” Kelly is interested this could be a goer!



Jan 26 2010

Today I was tempted buy a 15mm French Renaissance army from John “Open Day King” Shaw. Fortunately as my car was stolen just before Christmas and I’ve had to buy a new one I’m lacking some cash.  Survived that temptation! 



Jan 30 2010

So as the month draws to a close I’m doing just the four projects. “Yeah, yeah” I’m hearing you. I said it would only be two. But hey! Four ain’t too bad for a year is it?  Although, seeing as I haven’t actually bought anything for Crossfire and ECW I’m still doing ok.

Phew! I have survived January.

I think.

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