Lord of the Rings 5-Apr-04

Several games of Lord of the Rings, including Rohan versus Uruk-hai, Rohan versus Wargs and more battles of the Fellowship were held at the home of one of our meembers. In addition was the showing off of the recently painted Balrog and the recently assembled Ringwraith on Fell Beast.

Rohan versus the Uruk-hai

On the way back from patrol, the Rohan were returning through a shallow pass. The Uruk-hai pounced from their prepared ambush at the end of the pass. They wanted to restrict the ability of the Rohan to charge. This also allowed them to gang up on the head of the column before the Rohan could bring all their cavalry to fight.


Battles of the Fellowship

In the picture below left, Boromir is defending Merry and Pippin from the tough Uruk-hai. This is reminiscent of the scene at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring when Boromir valiantly fought hordes of Uruk-hai until Lurtz finally killed him with bowfire.


In the other two photos above, the Fellowship has encountered two Cave Trolls in the forest. Gandalf is trying to protect Merry and Pippin with his magic as the others combat their own Cave Troll. As in the films, Merry and Pipping are not very strong and often need a lot of protecting by other members of the Fellowship.

When Wargs Attack

Wargs attack the Rohan force as they headed for the safety of the fortress of Helm’s Deep. The Rohan were aided by the three hunters – Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. The Wargs hurtled down the mountain at the passing force as the three hunters tried to form a shield against the attack. 


Large Monsters

The Balrog looks spectacular with its fiery look. It is painted the opposite to normal figures, with the brightest colours in the crevasses and the black on the outside.

The Ringwraith on Fell Beast makes a spectacular looking model. It has been carefully soldered together for strength. With black undercoat and a grey overcoat, it is starting to take form but needs detailed painting.


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