Mines of Moria 12-Aug-03

The scenes from Moria in the first movie, Fellowship of the Ring, are dark and dangerous. There is plenty of action as the group of friends fight hordes of Goblins and flee from an ancient and dangerous foe.


Mines of Moria

The Watcher in the Water protected the western entrance to Moria. Also known as the Lurker in the Deep, it trapped the unwary before the Hollin Gate and pulled them into the slimy pool. It spread the terrors of Moria further than the tunnels of the mines itself.


Boromir proved a valuable fighter in protection of the Hobbits, particularly against the Cave Troll. His bravery was beyond reproach, even if he was susceptible to the power of the One Ring.

Pippin had a lot of growing up to do. He learnt rapidly in Moria after his foolish awakening of the Balrog by dropping a suit of armour down a well.

One of the most spectacular scenes in Moria was the flight down the crumbling staircase as the Fellowship fled from the Balrog. The staircase can be seen toppling forward as Aragorn prepares to jump.

The Cave Troll is a fearsome opponent, particularly when wielding a huge hammer. (Thor would have been proud!). His massive bulk towers over Aragorn as he bravely charges in.


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