More Saga Rocky Ground Terrain Pieces

Step by step process of making rocky ground for Saga

  1. Find rocks which have large flat surfaces that look dramatic but can have figures stand on them without toppling.
  2. Cut out MDF board to fit within 20x20cm square.  Sand edges to a nice bevelled slope, e.g. about half the thickness of the board.
  3. Glue rocks to base by mixed 2 part epoxy glue on the board and dabbing on rocks before placing. Make sure that you can fit figures and their bases between any large rocks.
  4. Mix up smaller rocks in PVA glue and then layer onto base between the large rocks.  Spread into a single layer and evenly to provide a stable flat surface for standing on.
  5. Once dry, apply more PVA glue and sprinkle on fine and coarse sand around remaining exposed MDF. Leave to dry.
  6. Prime base with matt grey spray paint.
  7. Dust off with matt white spray paint.
  8. Paint rocks with desaturated paint and inks.  I use a mix of blacks, earth shades, sepia etc…
  9. Dry brush with light stone and light grey.
  10. Apply watered down earth colour to the sand.
  11. Apply green blend flock to 90% of the sandy surface.
  12. Apply fine and coarse turf using thick PVA and brush and then drop watered down PVA over the surface to fix.
  13. Add tufts if desired.
  14. Varnish with matt or satin spray varnish.

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