Mitcham Meeting 28-Mar-08

Field of Glory (FOG), Hordes of the Things (HOTT), Western desert during World War 2 using Flames of War, Epic: Armageddon in 6mm and also the full size Warhammer 40K were some of the games underway at the Mitcham meeting of NWA on 28th March 2008. The Old West campaign also continued, with plenty of gunplay.

Have a look below at some of the games being played at the Mitcham venue during this meeting. These photos by Nick Pavlovski.

Above. Hordes of the Things (HOTT). The pirate wenches and the Samurai are engaged in combat.

Above. The Samurai “wasp” bowmen take aim at the oncoming charge of the pirates.

Above. Field of Glory. This recently released set of rules from Osprey have being tried out by a number of members since their release.

Above. A Fokker Dr.I triplane attempting to avoid a collision with his enemy.

Above Wings of War converted to using 1/72nd scale aircraft.

Above. Field of Glory. These rules have a good look to them since the troops fight as groups instead of individual stands.

Above. Epic 40K is the small scale version of Warhammer 40K. It allows battles with whole armies rather than just a few squads.

Above. In Epic 40K detailed terrain can still be made. It has the advantage of reduced storage space compared with larger scales.

Above Warhammer 40K. The small force of red armoured Space Marines has distracted the Space Wolves and allowed the red Terminator force to attack from the rear.

Above. A great looking construction by one of our members. In the background, the Legends of the Old West campaign is in full swing.

Above Flames of War. Armoured cars of the Afrika Korps are attacking the Australian infantry, who are defending behind a barricade. The Australians, along with the New Zealanders and other British Commonwealth troops made a name for themselves by defying Rommel at the first siege of Tobruk. The dust clouds show the fast moving vehicles. They are made from cotton wool, with a little bit of brown paint.

Above .German self-propelled guns. Not as good as tanks since they were open topped and had to be pointed in the direction they were to shoot. However, they were cheaper and quicker to make than tanks. .

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