Mitcham Meeting 14-Mar-08

Have a look below at just some of the games being played at the Mitcham venue during this meeting. I did not have time to photograph all that was going on, but the AWI game was extremely well presented. Even better, the players of all ages had great fun.

American War of Independance

Charles Csabi once again put on a great looking game. This scenario had different Indians supporting each side in the battle. Each side had their own fortification to protect. There could be only one winner, but as Michael’s shirt proudly stated – It’s All Good When You’re The Big Dude.


Legends of the Old West


The Old West campaign continued with Jeremy showing off his new fences. These were specially made for the cattle rustling scenario and provided a fun difference from shoot outs in the town of Bad Ass. Here Jeremy’s Indians take on Ben’s Mountain Men in a real nailbiter.


Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40K has a great range of figures to support it. The powerful Dreadnoughts look impressive and can be tough opponents for any force.


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