Mitcham Meeting 12-May-06

A typical busy NWA meeting at Mitcham with the huge Lord of the Rings Isengard display plus Warhammer 40K campaign, DBM, Napoleonic, American Civil War, World War 2 and more.

Lots of different games on offer at this Mitcham meeting on Friday night. John Shaw displayed his work in progress of the Isengard terrain. The 40K campaign was in full swing with several games going after the campaign moves. American Civil war, Napoleonics in both 25mm and 15mm scale, World War 2 and of course quite a few games of DBM. Some of these are shown below.

Lord of the Rings

The magnificent Isengard terrain by John Shaw is nearing completion. Thegreat tower of Orthanc is approached through the wall that encircles it. The tall tower of Orthanc dominates the paths of Isengardwhich are laid out in an 8 pointed star. Mountains at one end house the dam, which is the focal point of the Dambusters scenario. Here Treebeard reaches the dam wall, in the hope of pulling it down.


American Civil War

The left flank was on a defensive position on the hill as the Union and Confederate forces met each other in battle.



Two Napoleonic games were played. In one game can be seen 25mm Napoleonic French Legere (light infantry) urged on by their drummers to oppose the Allies.


In the other, 15mm Napoleonic French cavalry, including Chasseurs a Cheval (French light cavalry) oppose Austrian infantry, artillery and Hussars.


War World 2

Australian infantry painted by Tommy Over. An officer leads the troops.Machine gun team. Mortar team.



Several DBM historical games were in progress.


Warhammer 40K

One of the Warhammer 40K battles as part of the campaign run by President Mark Moncrieff. The Chaos Marines got stuck in but came off second best. Where have all the Chaos Marines gone (munch, munch, chew, burp)? Devoured by one very scary big Tyranid. The wasp colours look very striking.


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