NWA Meeting Dates 2023


nwalogo2gMeeting dates for 2023

Details of the Blackburn and Croydon RSL venues

Come along and enjoy friendly tabletop wargaming with miniature figures. Historical games of all periods, fantasy, steampunk and science fiction. Also strategy board games and role playing games. Learn how to paint miniature figures, make great scenery, improve your tactics and above all, have fun.


Blackburn RSL

    • Location – 2 Diggers Way, Blackburn VIC 3130, but enter from South Parade via Nido Early School car park

    • Close to Blackburn Railway Station
    • Time – 7:00pm – Midnight


Dates (2023) – Fridays

  • January 13th, 27th
  • February 10th, 24th
  • March 10th, 24th
  • April 21st
  • May 5th, 19th
  • June 12th, 16th, 30th
  • July 14th, 28th
  • August 11th, 25th
  • September 8th, 22nd
  • October 6th, 20th
  • November 3rd, 17th
  • December 1st, 15th

Croydon RSL

    • Location – Croydon RSL, 1 Civic Square, Croydon VIC 3136

    • You must turn left whilst travelling West on Mt Dandenong Rd
    • Parking is down the laneway East of the hall, or street parking in Civic Square
    • Short walk from Croydon Railway Station

    • Time 12:00 noon – 6:00pm

Dates (2023) – Saturdays

  • January 21st
  • February 4th, 18th
  • March 4th, 18th
  • April 1st, 15th, 29th
  • May 13th, 27th
  • June 10th, 24th
  • July 8th, 22nd
  • August 5th, 19th
  • September 2nd, 16th, 30th
  • October 14th, 28th
  • November 11th, 25th
  • December 9th, 23rd


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