March ’24 Despatches

We’re well into March now and we’ve seen plenty of fantastic activities at our venues.

The Great Airfield Raid returned for 2024, and the grand spectacle we’ve come to expect was delivered to us again. Tactical dilemmas abounded for the attackers, and while forces from the Ecole du Cox managed to make a great getaway, the defenders were well served with indirect fire this year, causing all sorts of problems for the raiders. Congratulations to Fly for running a great game again that several people could take part in.

The presence of Dux Britanniarum has given more Lardy goodness to the meetings. Both Friday nights and Saturday mornings have seen games of Dux Brit put on at both venues, and there was an experiment with a multi-player game at Croydon. It’s been great to see that people have been able to use figures for this that they’d put together for other games but had been languishing in drawers or on shelves. The nuance in the rules has led to some great discussions over the games and a fair bit of searching on online forums to nail down details. Special mention should be made here for Michele and Julian; the former for being a longer-term believer and player, and Julian for jumping in with a raider force of Irish rather than giving in to just running with one of the two basic sides, and both for their consistent games on Fridays.

Looking back, the club owes a very big thank you to Darren for running our first ever Battle Tech Alpha Strike tournament. While it only ran for a single day, the four rounds were frenetic and fantastic. Shortly after each round commenced, destroyed mechs littered the table tops all afternoon. The tempo of each turn needed to be high in order to finish on time and claim as many points as possible. This challenged beginners (myself in that category) and veteran Battle Tech players alike. The other thanks goes to our Secretary, Lorne, or coordinating the incredible array of prizes that were there, and ensuring that everyone who took part walked away with something. It was such a great day, there’s discussion of another one-day tournament on a weekend later on in the year for the committee to consider.

Lastly, planning is underway for 2024 of NWA Games Day. As a club, thanks to everyone who contributes and participates, we really have outgrown a simple open day to show our family and friends what it is we do. Consequently, this year will be the first NWA show. After canvassing all of you for ideas on what to name the show, the committee very recently voted on the options presented. I’m proud to announce that the name selected is Victorius! Yes, that spelling is correct and carefully chosen. The committee will make sure that you’re all kept up to date on our progress getting Victorius 2024 underway, and we will very gratefully accept all assistance that members and others offer to this new enterprise.

That’s all from me for now, so I’ll hand over to the Secretary.


Concept Logo only. We are putting the call out for budding graphic designers and creatives to submit ideas for a Victorius Logo and a campaign to promote the event.

Victorius (aka NWA Games Day) is booked for Saturday 17 August from 10am to 4pm.

We are moving to Box Hill Town Hall which is a fantastic venue with better facilities, more parking, easier to access and with room for the show to grow.

Leith has put his hand up to coordinate the show and we are calling for volunteers to be part of the Victorius organising committee and many hands make light work and all ideas are welcome.

The goal for 2024 is to continue to grow with more participation games, add a separate bring & buy and traders area, and provide space for additional gaming related activities.

Where are we at:

  • An official Lard Zone is confirmed for Victorius ’24, with more details to come
  • An invitation will soon be sent out to Victorian gaming clubs requesting their participation in the event and help grown the local gaming community
  • The opportunity to host small one day tournaments on the day is being considered

If you are interested in joining the committee or want to host a participation game please email

The first session is with Phil Yates, the designer of Flames of War and other games on 5pm Saturday 23rd March. You can join online using this link.

The aim is to have these monthly and we are just finalising dates and times for sessions with Andy Callan (Never Mind the Billhooks), David Brown (‘O’ Group & General d’Armee) and Andy Hobday (Footsore & Barons’ War).

We have a few more iron’s in the fire (watch this space) and remember there is an author, designer, sculptor or anyone else of interest you would like us to invite please email details to

Autumn Sale Day is on between 1000-1400 hours, Sunday 24th April.

Summer is over and it is time to revisit all the those games, rules, miniatures and other pieces of gaming paraphernalia you think need to find a loving home.

If you are wanting to book a table or grab the forms for the bring & buy visit you will find the details here.

Aaron is coordinating Autumn Sales Day and if you are willing to help out on the day please fill out the form here.

NWA in collaboration with Saganaughts Victoria, is holding a Saga Tournament on Sunday 19th May.

Just like the Battletech Alphastrike tournament the day is all about having fun, meeting new players and rolling dice.

Tournament details, including the players pack and registration form can be accessed here.

Warbands can be from any of the historical age books. If you have 30-50 individually based figures in 25/28mm scale you can field a Saga warband. If you are interested in attending or just learning Saga, Lorne will be running introduction and refresher games throughout April.

We have placed an order for more 6×4 mats with Tablewar Australia which are due in April.

Many members took the opportunity to purchase mats through the club last year. If you would like to order a mat or two and have them ship with the club mats please visit to work out the style you want and place your order using the form on this page.

If you don’t have a club shirt or your old one is a little worse for wear are taking orders now via this link. Available in polo and t-shirt styles with the NWA logo or old club emblem.

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