Making Minas Tirith 1

Minas Tirith main structure

Minas Tirith main structureWatch The Progress

On these pages watch the progress to see how Minas Tirith came together . The city was to be constructed for 1/72nd scale for use with the Lord of the Rings Battlegame by Games Workshop. It was not going to be an exact duplicate of the “bigature” for the film as I was constructing this on my own.

It had to be made for reasonable cost, playable for wargaming and able to be transported.

Thus it had to be made quite robust, in several pieces and scaled down slightly so all parts could be reached during the course of a wargame, but still look right and contain all 7 levels of the city.

Design & Construction Details

Check the other pages for the story and photos of the construction of Minas Tirith. Each page is listed at the top left of each page, or just follow the pages through by clicking the link to the next page at the bottom of each page.

The main structure was made from corrugated cardboard.

Right. The completed basic structure of Levels 2 to 7 before the details are added and before painting. Although the cardboard was obtained for nothing as waste from factories, over AUD $150 (about US $100) of hot melt glue sticks went into the making of it.

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