Making Isengard – Building the Tower



060325%20Isengard%20Croydon%2003.jpgThe Tower of Ortahnc is the tall tower at the centre of Isengard. A series of roads radiates from the base of the tower. In the Lord of the Rings books by J R R Tolkien, the tower was round and smooth. So smooth that the Ents could not find a crack to lever the stones apart. Which was the only reason it was still standing when Aragorn returned to find the rest of Isengard in ruins, whilst Merry, Pippin and Treebeard had Saruman and Wormtongue hiding in the tower. Although easier to build, a smooth round tower would not be as interesting (or as recognisable) as the spiky tower in the Peter Jackson films. The model here is based on the one in the film.

Tower of Orthanc

The tower of Orthance is the centrepiee of Isengard.

It is constructed from sheets of black foamboard 5mm thick.

Left. Partly constructed Tower of Orthanc. This is being made from foamboard. Due to its height it wasmade in three sections so that it is easy to transport.

Left. Terrain modules are polystyrene foam with wooden edging to make it more robust. Here it is laid out at Croydon so it can be marked up Not enough room for this at home!

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