Easterlings versus Elves 27-Aug-04


040827lotr11aAn Easterling force with a Mordor Troll was raiding towns in search of booty. After several earlier raids, Aragorn pulled together a force of Elves and hurried to defend the next town that was likely to be the target.

The town was soon under attack as expected, but a surprise awaited the good side. Read more to find out the result of this battle.

Easterlings Approach

A group of Easterlings, with the aid of a Mordor Troll, decided to raid one more town before heading back east. Word of their previous raids arrived at the town before the evil force, so that by the time they arrived Aragorn had assembled a force of Elves to lay in wait for them.

Quite a few of the Elven archers were placed on the rooftops. This improved their field of fire.  


Into the Town

The Easterlings proceeded carefully into the town, using the buildings to shield them so as to minimise early bow fire from the Elves. The Easterlings were successful in their manoeuvres and managed to avoid presenting a target for the first few moves.

As the Easterlings made their way deeper into town, the Elves waited for them. A few shots hit home, but the not as many as they would have liked. Within a few turns the two sides had come to close combat. It was then that the good player realised that the Elven snipers on the roof were of little use there. They hurried down from the rooftops and through the buildings but would not be able to help for several turns.


Haradrim Join In

Diverted by the sight of the Easterlings, the good force did not at first realise that there was a force of Haradrim that were attacking from the right flank. The good force diverted some of their fire to target the new threat. The lightly armoured Haradrim were taking casualties and were glad that their initial approach had gone unnoticed. They bravely continued forward as fast as they could, so that they were soon in combat with the flank guard of Elves.

The Elves arranged themselves between buildings so that their smaller numbers would not allow themselves to be outflanked.  


Battle Continues

Both sides were taking casualties. Although the Haradrim were weaker, their greater numbers began to tell against the small number of Elves opposing them. The good side wee obliged to re-inforce the right flank by withdrawing some fighters from the battle against the Easterlings. This left Aragorn without enough support and he took some heavy blows from the Mordor Troll.

Aragorn finally bettered the Mordor Troll, but it cost him most of his Might and Fate. He had taken some serious wounds in the epic combat. The wounded Aragorn was then beset upon by several heavily armoured Easterlings. Unable to stop himself being surrounded, Aragorn fought bravely but finally succumbed to his wounds.


The numbers were dwindling on both sides as the battle raged on. The Elves were rapidly disappearing and disheartend by the loss of Aragorn, the good side finally fled from the town. This left the remnants of the evil side free to pillage the town before wearily returning back east.  

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