NWA at Little Wars Melbourne 27-May-12


120527littlewars35js1On Sunday 27th May, NWA put on several displays at Little Wars Melbourne. Little Wars Melbourne is a get together of many of the wargames clubs and wargamers from Victoria. It was held at Club Tivoli, which is at 291 Dandenong Road, Windsor VIC 3181.

NWA put on 4 games: Battle of Waterloo (Field of Glory Napoleonic), D-Day (Flames of War), Stalingrad (Secrets of the 3rd Reich) and WW2 Skirmish (Crossfire). They also ran the Bring and Buy stall to help wargamers sell or buy some old treasures. See photos of the many different games being played. Just click on the “read more” below.

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Battle of Waterloo (Field of Glory Napoleonic)

John showed off the whole of the Battle of Waterloo using 15mm and 18mm figures. This was the battle that sounded the death knell of the Napoleonic Wars. The rules used were the recently released Field of Glory Napoleonics published by Slitherine. The terrain was made from rolls of synthetic teddy bear fur, which makes marvellous wheat fields. The terrain was accurately reproduced from a period map at 1:2400 scale. With all the people showing interest in the terrain, the rules, the battle and the figures as well as some new players learning the rules, there was not enough time to finish the battle. But the players look forward to a refight of the whole thing in the near future.

The battle closely followed history, with D’Erlon’s corps attacking bravely, but being repulsed from the British left wing. The Dutch-Belgian conscripts defending Hougomont fought off many assaults but were finally routed due to fire. But before the French could follow up their success, a unit of British Guards moved in to deny Hougomont to the French attackers.

La Haye Saint was coming under increasing pressure and the French managed to take this smaller area. With the repulse of D’Erlon’s corps, the centre and left of the French were moving forward to pressure the right flank of the British.


D-Day (Flames of War)

The D-Day landing on Sword Beach is always a popular game and got another run at Little Wars. The display used 20mm sized figures and vehicles, which is the scale normally used at the club for Flames of War. The Allies made it further inland than in any previous games, but were held at bay by a substantial German bunker on the backline.


Stalingrad (Secrets of the 3rd Reich)

Brendan and James showed off the weird World War 2 rules Secrets of the 3rd Reich. Set amongst the ruins of Stalingrad, this skirmish game held great interest for many of the attendees at Little Wars Melbourne. The figures used were 28mm. There were also many things to spot amongst the ruins, including Dr Who and the Tardis.


World War 2 Skirmish (Crossfire)

Crossfire is an unusual wargame in that no rulers are used for movement and no measurement needs to be made for shooting. A player continues to have his troops perform tasks until he loses initiative, which makes for an interesting game. The choices the player has to make is between different tasks, such as shooting, moving and rallying troops. Each of these tasks has different chances of success, so the choices between them can be difficult.


NWA Helpers

NWA not only put on the above displays, but also helped out in many capacities at Little Wars. Stephen, Phil and James ran the Bring-and-Buy stall which was frantic from the start. They were kept busy all day as wargamers tried to sell or buy pre-loved treasures. The nice looking NWA Club shirts in bright blue were very much in evidence.


Other Displays

Pictures of some of the other displays put on at Little Wars Melbourne 2012. The attack on the great redoubt at Borodino 1812 in 25mm, the Zulu attack on the British at Rorke’s Drift, an English Civil War battle and 55 Days at Peking were just some of the other non-NWA games on show at Little Wars. There were also plenty of traders plying their wargaming wares.


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