Little Wars Melbourne Preparations

Saga Suitable Miniature Display

As part of the Saga Demonstration and Participation table at Little Wars Melbourne we will be displaying Saga suitable miniatures from:

  1. 1st Corps
  2. Aventine Miniatures 
  3. Bad Squiddo Games
  4. Conquest Games
  5. Crusader Miniatures
  6. Drabant
  7. Eureka Miniatures
  8. Fireforge Games
  9. Footsore Miniatures
  10. Gorgon Studios
  11. Gripping Beast
  12. Magister Militum
  13. Newline Designs
  14. Old Glory UK
  15. Shieldwall Miniatures
  16. SHQ Miniatures
  17. Steve Barber Models
  18. Stronghold Terrain
  19. V&V Miniatures (hopefully, still checking the post office daily)
  20. Wargames Foundry
  21. Warhansa
  22. Warlord Games
  23. West Wind
In addition to I have some terrain and accessories from:
  1. Ainsty Castings
  2. Battlefield Accessories
  3. Knights of Dice
  4. Renedra
The purpose of this display is to enable you all to see the quality of sculpts, casting, scale and style of different companies before committing a a sight unseen purchase online. 

All the companies above have kindly donated examples of their ranges covering Age of Invasions, Age of Vikings and Age of Crusades periods.  I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to many of owners of these companies.  All of them are extremely passionate about wargaming, making miniatures and it is truly fantastic that they have all been able to pursue their passion and receive an income from it at the same time.

Work in progress and there are still more to go.  Resin, plastic and different types of white metal as well.
I have been chipping away at the miniatures every evening, driving my family made as it has taken over half the kitchen table.  Still got quite a few to go but everyone who stops by our Little Wars stand will get to see at least 200 miniatures.  If I have enough time, bases and space left, I might get to include some Age of Magic Undead miniatures too.

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