January 2024 Despatches

Welcome to another fantastic year of games and events at NWA! We’ve had our first and well-attended meeting of 2024 at Blackburn, and the three-day Napoleonic extravaganza at the same venue, re-fighting for control of and access to Leipzig in a great game that was simply a fantastic event to take part in or watch.

The Cold Steel Crew @Blackburn RSL and Leipzig

Everyone appears to have made it past the festive season intact, and planning for this year has been underway by the committee since 2023. We’ve also looked at other ways to enhance everyone’s experiences at the club. These include more terrain and mats for members to use, making those available at Croydon space-permitting, offering name tags to members who sign up in a timely manner, planning two tournaments, planning to assist at the Victorian Train & Hobby Show, and our usual schedule of sales days and annual Show.

Spectators to the Kelly Gang’s stand off with the Law @Blackburn RSL

While the committee can look after most of the infrastructure & activities the club offers, we still need help from you, the members, to make everything a success. If we can all chip in to help with smaller tasks when they need to be done then it’ll make a big difference throughout the year.

So as we head into our first Croydon meeting, I hope everyone is motivated to build, paint & roll dice as the year kicks into gear.

2024 Club Membership

Big call out to all those who renewed their NWA membership early this year. This really helps the club start the year in a good financial position and kick of activities. If you haven’t renewed or joined yet in 2024, you can do so here on this link.

Club Polos and T-Shirts.

You will have seen the bright blue shirts in 2023 and they are once again available to order for 2024. They are honestly easy to maintain, ironing free and wear really well so if you want to look and be cool in 2024 place your order now via this link.

2024 Club Terrain

As mentioned by Geoff, we are going to continue building a collection of club terrain. We will be ordering more mats from Table War Australia in February. As before we will give members the opportunity to order at club prices before. Check out their website and look out for the order form when if goes live in February.

Aurarum is a local company who builds and distributes 3D printers and makes FDM filament in Ringwood. They have provided the club with a terrific deal on PLA filament and we have FDM printers cranking our terrain for the club. If you have a FDM printer and are interested in helping out please email secretary@nwa.org.au. Aurimas has also provided us we a 5% coupon code for members to use on filament and resin purchases, so reach out if you would like the details.

Some examples of completed terrain below.

Battletech Alpha Strike Tournament

The club has a growing group of Battletech players on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. To support Battletech at the club and help grow the community NWA is hosting Melbourne’s first Alpha Strike tournament on Sunday 3rd March. Find out more here, look out for the blogs and share the event on Facebook. Its going to be a great event so if you are interested remember to sign up.

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