Iron Duke – Scales



An Iron Duke Napoleonic battle in progress at NWAThis article explains the basic unit sizes, figure scales, ground scales and time scales which can be used with the Iron Duke computer moderated game. The system is flexible and it is possible to change time scales during the game. This is very useful for moving quickly through the opening moves and then getting into shorter time periods when the action gets “up close and personal”.

080523ironduke53Unit Size

The rules can be used to fight actions involving battalions, regiments, brigades, divisions, corps or whole armies. The preferred size of individuals units is battalion or regiments.


Figure Scale

Any figurescale can be used as the program works with men, not figures. Casualties are kept track of in the program, so there is no need to remove stands of figures.

Any basing system can be used. This avoids the tedious task of re-basing figures just to try out a set of rules. Another advantage of working with the number of men is that different basing systems can be used for each army, as long as theunits on both sides take up about the same frontage to match the ground scale.


Ground Scale

Any ground scale can be used as the program works with paces, not millimetres or inches. You will need to make up your own measuring template marked up in paces, oruse a standard ruler and choose a simple conversionsuch as 1″ : 100 paces.


Time Scale

The system is flexible and the turn can represent 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes. This can be changed during the game. Soyou can start with 30 minute turns if the armies are far apart and then zoom down to 5 or 10 minute turns when the action starts to get up close and personal.


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