Iron Duke – Introduction

Napoleon inspecting the troops

Napoleon inspecting the troopsIron Duke is a Napoleonic simulation where the heavy number crunching is done by a computer and the wargamers are left to concentrate on tactics. This allows the program to have more details built-in than is possible with in a printed rule set, and yet simplifying the task of the player. It also allows more “fog of war” to be built-in to the rules than with a printed rule set.

napoleonIron Duke is a computer moderated rule system. What that means is that you still play your wargame with figures (or counters if you prefer) aided by a computer program. The program keeps track of the casualties and fatigue for your units. The computer can track this without the player having to look up a complex series of charts.

There are several parts to the program. The first part allows you to create and edit army lists. You can assign morale and experience ratings to commanders and units. The second part keeps track of the casualties and fatigue of units during a battle.

Iron Duke has a campaign map and can also be used to fight Napoleonic naval actions.

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