whboxWarhammer Fantasy Battles is a fantasy version of medieval combat with magic. Armies are usually made up of large units which are moved about on movement trays for ease of play.

Armies include such diverse races as Men, Elves, Dwarves, Undead, Lizardmen and Skaven (rat like creatures). Magic can be quite powerful. It can help or hinder an army. The figures used are 28mm fantasy.

Left. The army of the Empire attacks the wooden hill fort of the Orcs and Goblins. Attacking a stronghold is always a dangerous undertaking, even for the well trained troops of the Empire. It requires great bravery on the part of the attackers.

Warhammer Fantasy is a tabletop wargame set in a fantasy world where players command armies of models from a great variety of races; such as :-

– Empire (influenced by the armies of Renaissance Italy)

– Bretonnia (influenced by the high medieval version of the King Arthur legends)

– High Elves

– Wood Elves

– Dark Elves (Elves that have turned to the dark side).

– Dwarves

– Chaos Dwarfs

– Orcs & Goblins

– Lizardmen (influenced by the Aztecs, Incas and Toltecs of Central and South America)

– Beasts of Chaos

– Hordes of Chaos

– Skaven (rats, rats and yet more rat-like creatures)

– Tomb Kings (influenced by the warriors, priests and gods of Ancient Egypt)

– Vampire Counts

– Regiments of Renown

– Dogs of War (professional mercenaries)

You can play small skirmishes with a dozen or so models a side up to massive battles involving hundreds of models.

Players choose and collect armies of models that are described in separate Warhammer army books. Books are available for each of the races, with advice on how to collect, paint and play their armies.

A wide range of models are produced by Citadel Miniatures. Some figures are moulded in plastic and some are cast in metal.

Figures are individually mounted on square bases, but often moved in groups (regiments). This is made easier through the use of movement trays, as seen in some of the photos on this page.

The rules are published by Games Workshop.

Warhammer Fantasy is a trademark of Games Workshop.

Above. Adam’s regiment of jackal warriors with sickle swords make an imposing sight. The army of the Tomb Kings draws heavily from ancient Egyptian mythology and makes a spectacular site on the battlefield.

Left. They may not be very bright, but they can lift heavy things. This giant figure makes an imposing sight and would make any opponent think twice before attacking.

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Above. Craig’s doughty dwarves are slow but very tough fighters.

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