FOGN - Battle Reports & Scenarios

FOGN Battle Reports & Scenarios


Field of Glory Napoleonics - Battle Reports. Read the details about battles that have been fought by members of NWA, at club meetings as wll as at other venues. 

FOGN Rule of Thum

1204141326fogn04sAt the start of October 1813, the Prussians and Russians were trying to evict the French from Saxony. The Prussian corps of B├╝low was aware that a French corps under Bertrand was operating in the area south of Chemnitz, in Saxony. By early afternoon, the Prussian advanced guard had passed the village of Ehrenfriedersdorf. They did not get much further north after encountering the light cavalry screen from Bertrand's corps around the village of Thum.

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FOGN Refight of Maria de Huerva


The Battle of Maria occurred in the early part of the Peninsular War. The Spanish were attempting to push the French back out of Zaragoza (Saragossa). Blake was moving up from the south to put pressure on the French, in the hope of making them evacuate Zaragoza. Suchet decided to move out of Zaragoza to intercept him.

The main forces met near Maria du Huerva. It was Suchet's first major battle as independant commander.

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FOGN at Mitcham 3-Dec-10

101203mitchamThe last meeting at Mitcham for 2010 was SILLY HAT NIGHT. One of the games being played was a playtest version of the Field of Glory Napoleonics rules.

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