Pirates - LOTHS

Many different pirate games are played at NWA, but the favourite rules in use are Legends of the High Seas, published by Warhammer Historical. These not only allow fast skirmish games of pirates, but also have campaign rules to allow you to expand the skills of your pirate band.

Pimp my Pirate Ship

111216wickedwench15sI’ve been asked how I got started on the Pirate gaming side of the Club. My response was that I had a few Pirates lying around and it started from there! Then I was asked how I happened to have a few Pirates lying around? I’m still stuck on that one.

Well, every Pirate needs a Pirate Ship – even a sinking dinghy such as Cap’n Jack had at the start of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And, even though my crew are technically Privateers, I wanted a ship for my crew.

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