Age of Eagles


Age of Eagles is a set of rules for Napoleonic wargaming. It is based on the popular Fire & Fury system which covers the American Civil War.

Russian Cuirassiers in 15mm AB figures. Painted by Dragon Painting Service.

Age of Eagles - Introduction

aoe1.jpgThe Age of Eagles is a set of brigade level rules for wargaming the wars of Napoleon Bonaparte. The rules are used to fight multi-division, corps or even multi-corps battles such as Borodino, Ligny and Waterloo.

It is based on the popular Fire and Fury rules, which has a large following due to the ease of learning the rules.

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To Help Vandamme

090215aoe03aAn invitation from Jonathon Moore was accepted to visit the League of Ancients to take part in a 6 player Age of Eagles game. The scenario was set in 1813. Napoleon was heading a mixed force of French guard, line and conscripts to try and relieve the isolated force of Vandamme. Barring his path was Blucher with his army of Silesia.

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Battle of Albuera

080815aoe07aThis Napoleonic battle from the Peninsular war was played at the Mitcham venue on 15th August 2008. This game was played using the Age of Eagles rules. Jonathon Moore from the Leauge of Ancients club was a guest, commanding the French forces.

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Age of Eagles - Turn Sequence

071114wagram13The turn sequence of The Age of Eagles starts with a roll-off for initiative. The player that wins has the choice of going first or second for that turn. This could be used to go second in one turn and then first the next turn, effectively having two turns in a row. At times this can be used to effectively crack through a defense and then follow up straight away before the defense could be re-organised. It won't always work, but when it does it can be quite effective. 

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Age of Eagles - Basing

071114wagram20.jpgBasing for The Age of Eagles follows similar basing conventions to the popular Napoleon's Battles. There are some subtle differences, but theseare onlyimportant if you are basing from scratch. Many new rule sets use the basing standards from popular earlier rule sets since it is a time consuming process to re-base whole armies.

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