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  • Napoleonic Wargaming - General

    The Napoleonic wars created a dramatic change in Europe. It is a period of history which provides the wargamer with a large number of battles in which to create interesting challenges.

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  • Napoleonic Figure Gallery

    Photo gallery of many of the nations which took part in the Napoleonic wars. The photo gallery has a special section for each of the major participants of the Napoleonic wars.

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  • Age of Eagles

    Age of Eagles is a set of rules for Napoleonic wargaming. It is based on the popular Fire & Fury system which covers the American Civil War.

    Russian Cuirassiers in 15mm AB figures. Painted by Dragon Painting Service.
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  • Carnage & Glory II

    Carnage & Glory II is a computer moderated rule system. While the players concentrate on tactics and moving the figures (or counters if you prefer), a computer program keeps track of the casualties, fatigue and morale for all units.

    More complex factors can be incorporated into the program, to give a more realistic result, but without detracting from the enjoyment of the player.

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  • Cold Steel

    071027nap23aCold Steel is a set of  rules for Napoleonic warfare which has been developed by members of NWA. It is a battalion level game. This rule set has been refined over a number of years and a number of versions.

    Cold Steel is usually played in 25mm scale at NWA. This is due to the large collections of Napoleonic figures in this scale that many of the members have. It is certainly possible to use other scales of figures with these rules.


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  • Iron Duke

    Iron Duke is a computer moderated rule system. What that means is that you still play your wargame with figures (or counters if you prefer) aided by a computer program. The program keeps track of the casualties, fatigue and morale for all your units.

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  • Monsieur le Rosbif & Johnny Frog

    Monsieur le Rosbif & Johnny Frog is a blog run by one of our members. Click to go to the blog, or read some of the highlights by clicking on the articles below.

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