Modern Wargaming

081110modern04aModern Wargaming covers the period after World War 2. This includes actual conflicts such as the Korean war, Vietnam war, Arab-Israeli wars, Afghanistan, Falklands war, Iran-Iraq war and Gulf Wars.

Players also like to perform "what-if" scenarios. These are where historical forces are used which did not actually fight, but could have. This includes the Cold War and current day possibilities. The most popular rule set in use at Nunawading Wargames Association is Modern Spearhead. 

Painting 1980s NATO Camouflage

081102german16bThe three colour camouflage scheme used by NATO in the 1980s is very striking on 6mm models. This article shows the steps in painting this colour scheme on your micro armour.


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Modern Spearhead 10-Nov-08

081110modern04aThe Leopard 2 tanks introduced by West Germany during the 1980's were the first of the new generation of main battle tanks. The Soviets did not have anything to match this tank and had to rely on sheer weight of numbers in their battle plans until they could copy the reactive armour and other technological advantages.

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