Field of Glory - Introduction

Field of Glory (FOG for short) is a set of rules for Ancient and Medieval wargaming. It uses the same basing for figures as DBM. This is often done by rules writers, particularly when a previous set of rules has been in widespread use, to attract players that already have armies.

The rules are colourful and well laid out. Being published by Osprey, they contain many of the pictures from their series of books about the uniforms and organisation of many historical armies.

One of the nice features in FOG is that groups of units, known as Battle Groups, fight together. This stops the unrealistic rushing about in all directions of individualbases, which was one of the disconcerting things about DBM.

Army books cover different periods and regions. They list the minimum and maximum of each troop type allowed in an army. These books also specify the morale class, armour, weapons and fighting skills of each battle group.

The army lists are similar to DBM, so many existing armies can be immediately used as a FOG army. There are some differences, such as battle groups only containing an even number of bases to begin with.

Morale usually plays a more important role than casualties, although it is usually a combination of both that leads to the ultimate demise of battle groups.