Field of Glory

General information about Field of Glory, a set of rules for Ancient and Medieval wargaming. Written by Richard Bodley Scott, half of the team that produced DBM, the rule book and army lists are associated with Osprey which has allowed them to be filled with colourful illustrations.

Field of Glory - Introduction

Field of Glory (FOG for short) is a set of rules for Ancient and Medieval wargaming. It uses the same basing for figures as DBM. This is often done by rules writers, particularly when a previous set of rules has been in widespread use, to attract players that already have armies.

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Khurusan Miniatures Review

khurusan02sA Quick and Dirty Review of Some 15mm Romans. First, the background. Way back in 1981, I happened to be flicking through a mate’s copy of the old WRG “Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome”. I was rather taken by Phil Barker’s illustrations of the various Late Roman shield designs from the Notitia Dignitatum. When the book was republished later that year, I grabbed it, and continued picking up information relating to the Roman Army of the second half of the Fourth Century AD.

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