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Open Letter to Australian Miniature Producers

Club member James Wright has some interesting things to ponder regarding an Australian cultural take on miniature gaming.

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Painting Hints

080807necromunda01sMore than once at recent club meetings, I have received compliments on my painting abilities and the presentation of my armies; thank you once again for all those kind words. It's only once I talk to the person paying the compliment that the problems start, I mention that they can paint as well as me and have some really nice table top quality armies, only to hear many variations of "I can't paint" or "I will never be a good painter".

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Constructing a Troop Carry Box

box1sFlying or driving and model armies don’t mix. If you’ve ever tried to travel with tool boxes full of lead like I have, you’ll know that getting a hard time by airport security and flight crews is routine. While visiting the Napoleonic Wargames Society in Perth, I observed a number of custom made boxes used for storing DBM armies.

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Tips for Painting 20mm Figures

paint01sOver the years, I’ve painted lots of 20mm plastic figures for various wargames armies, and received compliments about the painting standard.  I have what I consider to be a simple technique for painting 20mm plastic figures, which uses the detail of the moulded figure as much as any painting skills I have.  The following is a short summary of the steps I use can be a little time consuming but the end result is satisfying.

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Further Tips for Painting

There are many different ways to paint figures, vehicles and terrain. There is no "right" way, just lots of different ways. You need to develop a style which is suitable to you. But helpful advice from others can help you experiment and choose a style which suits you.

This article contains a collection of simple, but really useful tips on painting. 

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The Resolution (part 1)

New Year ToastJanuary 1st 2010

December 31st. The night of much merry making. Perhaps some quiet drinking. And, of course, New Year's resolutions.

Some decide to stop smoking. Others to lose weight. Some to get married and some to travel the world.  Me, I decided 2010 would be the year of cutting back to just two types of gaming.

See how the Easy Strayed Wargamer survived January. 

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The Ideal Wargamer's Partner

Wargamers, like any specialist hobbyist, have there own particular foibles which are endearing to some (but maybe not everyone).

The ideal partner for a wargamer needs 22 attributes. See how you rate in this amusing article. Or perhaps you can think of some more?-


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