Lord of the Rings - General

040814trebuchetLord of the Rings - General. Articles about the Lord of the Rings game which are not covered in the other specific sections. Included are articles about making Ents and Trebuchets from readily available materials.



Lord of the Rings 5-Apr-04

Several games of Lord of the Rings, including Rohan versus Uruk-hai, Rohan versus Wargs and more battles of the Fellowship were held at the home of one of our meembers. In addition was the showing off of the recently painted Balrog and the recently assembled Ringwraith on Fell Beast.

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Making Trebuchets

040814trebuchetTrebuchets are great engines of war that hurl huge stones to crush the enemy. The Gondorians used these devices to protect the great city of Minas Tirith from anyone trying to beiege them. This article shows how to make your own trebuchets from simple and readily available materials, such as bamboo chopsticks. Excellent economy if you want to make a large group of them.

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Mines of Moria 12-Aug-03

The scenes from Moria in the first movie, Fellowship of the Ring, are dark and dangerous. There is plenty of action as the group of friends fight hordes of Goblins and flee from an ancient and dangerous foe.

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