Battle Reports

04110imrahil02aLord of the Rings - Battle Reports. Read the details about battles that have been fought by members of NWA. These are interesting and varied.

Reports include the defense by Gondorian troops against a Mumakil, a young Aragorn attempting to revenge the death of his father and just one of the many battles from the Last Alliance campaign fought by club members.


The Gladden Fields

110219croydon07sWhilst returning home after defeating Sauron at the battle of the Last Alliance, Isildur is ambushed by Orcs who are wanting to get the One Ring back. Isildur has to travel the length of the board and escape. The Orcs, coming from two directions, just want to kill him.

To find out how this exciting battle played out at a Croydon meeting of NWA, click on "read more" below.

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The Dragonfire Chronicles: Search for the Idol

lotr01sSun glinted from the flaming dragon as it rose above the buildings. The flapping noise came not from its wings, but from the sail on which it was painted.

The corsair ship Dragonfire rode gently at anchor as the sound of steel upon steel slowly died away towards the eastern end of the port.

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Battle of Bywater at Croydon 21-Mar-09

090321croydon21aFrodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin returned to the Shire from their adventures with the Fellowship of the Ring. To their surprise they found their beloved home in upheaval. Crawling away after his defeat at Isengard, the bitter Saruman went to the Shire to exact revenge on the Hobbits. With his faithful snivelling companion Wormtongue, Saruman used a gang of Ruffians to enslave the peaceful inhabitants of the Shire. But the return of the Hobbit adventurers stirred up a rebellion, which culminated in the Battle of Bywater. See how this great scenario for Lord of the Rings turned out when played on a Saturday afternoon at Croydon.

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Easterlings versus Elves 27-Aug-04

040827lotr11aAn Easterling force with a Mordor Troll was raiding towns in search of booty. After several earlier raids, Aragorn pulled together a force of Elves and hurried to defend the next town that was likely to be the target.

The town was soon under attack as expected, but a surprise awaited the good side. Read more to find out the result of this battle.

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