Lord of the Rings has two games published by Games Workshop. The Strategy Battle Game is a skirmish game. The heroes have an important role to play in the game and creates a wonderful storyline.

The other, more recently published, is for larger battles. It is known as War of the Ring (WOTR). It uses units that are based in trays. It is perfect for playing the large battles from the Tolkien books.

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  • Lord of the Rings - General

    040814trebuchetLord of the Rings - General. Articles about the Lord of the Rings game which are not covered in the other specific sections. Included are articles about making Ents and Trebuchets from readily available materials.



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  • Figure Gallery

    mapLord of the Rings - Figure Gallery. Use the map of Middle Earth to look at photos of figures from each of the realms. See if you can find all the area on the map that will take you to each of the photo galleries.

    Good armies are represented; including Gondor, Rohan, the Shire, Dwarves and Elves.

    Evil armies are represented; including Isengard, Mordor, Moria, Harad and the Eastern realms.


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  • Club Meetings

    050924croydon13aPictures of Lord of the Rings games from NWA club meetings at both the Mitcham and Croydon venues.

    See photos of games played, figures on display and scenery shown off.



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  • Battle Reports

    04110imrahil02aLord of the Rings - Battle Reports. Read the details about battles that have been fought by members of NWA. These are interesting and varied.

    Reports include the defense by Gondorian troops against a Mumakil, a young Aragorn attempting to revenge the death of his father and just one of the many battles from the Last Alliance campaign fought by club members.


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  • Scenarios

    gildorscenariobestmd7aLord of the Rings - Scenarios. This section contains scenarios written specifically for Lord of the Rings by NWA club members. Download the scenarios and try them out for yourself.



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  • Making Isengard

    Isengard3D10aLord of the Rings - Making Isengard. These articles show the different stages of the making of the Isengard scenery. The information here can be used to make other terrain boards. See from design, through construction to painting of both the scenic bases and the impressive Tower of Orthanc.


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  • Making Minas Tirith

    g04lotrjs09caLord of the Rings - Making Minas Tirith. Read about the massive undertaking by one of our club members to make the mighty Gondorian capital city of Minas Tirith. Seven levels high and carved out of the mountain range, it was the subject of a siege by the enormous army of Sauron.


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  • Making the Mines of Moria

    watcher1aLord of the Rings - Making the Mines of Moria. See how the six modules were made. This allows battles to be fought the length of Moria; from the Hollin Gate guarded by the Watcher in the Water to the eastern exit after the Bridge of Khazad-dum. It is quite a challenge for the Fellowship to make it unscathed throughout the whole dark passageways of Moria.


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  • Making a Mûmakil

    mumakil9aLord of the Rings -Making a Mûmakil. Not the small kit which is readily available, this is a Mumakil built to the same scale as seen in the film; dwarfing the Rohan horsemen that have to attack it.



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  • War of the Ring

    090414wotr05bWar of the Ring is a new rule set from Games Workshop which allows you to fight the epic battles from the Lord of the Rings. Released in April 2009, this complements the popular skirmish rule set and allows players to show off their huge collection of figures in spectacular battles.

    This rule set is totally new, not just a variation of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It is easy to learn, but is not simplistic and has many subtleties. It allows cavalry to act like cavalry and happily includes all the character stats in the one book. So no supplements to buy.


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